Mission & Vision

To provide clinical services unique to each individual in any environment they find most challenging, and focus on individual strengths so each client has the chance to achieve their highest potential.

Our Story

HEADS was founded in February 2012 with the belief that all children and families at risk in the state of Florida deserve an opportunity to make the most out of their lives. Whether traumatized by abuse, or victims of their own choices, HEADS helps by providing clinical support services that impact every area of the clients’ lives. We start by identifying the current emotional, educational, developmental levels and social skills of each client and develop a treatment plan that helps them regain emotional and social regulation. We work with children and families daily in schools and at homes to achieve goals that support life mastery and promote emotional and social well-being.

HEADS’s founders have experience as providers for Specialized Therapeutic Foster Care (STFC) dating back to 1995, when they owned Foster America, Inc. In this endeavor hundreds of children experienced a shift in their life trajectory that could only occur in an STFC setting. After leaving Foster America, Inc. they recognized a decline in the approach to the STFC programs across the state. This decline was concerning to them due the high level of knowledge and operational expertise they accrued over the years at Foster America, Inc. Their continued commitment to improving the lives of children in the foster care system was shown when they started HEADS’s STFC program in November 2015.